Role played by BHL

Research / Consultancy


2000 Predecessor of BHL as Lead Agency Food Aid Targeting and Distribution in Narok, Nakuru and Transmara as a famine response and recovery Strategy (2000) Farming Systems Kenya (Nakuru) and World Food Programme WFP (Rome)
2003 Predecessor of BHL (DKC)  as Lead Agency Influence of frequent fire disasters on mitigation and preparedness strategies among entrepreneurs in the Nairobi central business district – (2003), published in BHL’s knowledge generation initiative
2003 Predecessor of BHL (DKC)  as Lead Agency Impact of WTO and other international policies on the autonomy of national agricultural policies, A case study of Kenya presented in a FOOD SOVERIENTY conference in Rome (2006) FAO (Rome)
2004 Predecessor of BHL (DKC)  as Lead Agency The role of ICT in farmer empowerment for the ECOWAS, a non-state actors’ development strategy for 15 West African countries and Nigeria (2004) Agriterra (A Dutch Agri-Agency))
2005 Partner institution Participated in the search for measures to avert hunger in Africa, which led to the  warning that Hunger to is Worsen in Africa unless World Acts: WFP (Rome)
2006 Main institution Need assessment for multi-skilling in response to change management from employees to small & medium scale entrepreneurs (2006) Kenya Railways Corporation
2006 Lead Agency Analysis of the Ugandan Oil Seed Sector towards Weaving the oil seed Web (2006): published in the Agriterra & UOSPA
2006 Main institution Review of the role of farmers’ organizations in Tanzania towards development of a multi actor, multi-level and multi-institutional collaboration between farmers’ organizations and others actors for effective development driving. (A case study of the Mtandao Wa Vikundi Vya Wakulima Tanzania (MVIWATA) and the Tanzanian Cooperative Movement where the Chairman of BHL played a key role in the design and actual implementation of the study. Agricord (Belgium)
2007 Lead Agency Institutional Analysis of the Uganda National Farmers’ Federation (2007) published in Agriterra
2007 Main Agency Socio-economics Empowerment of smallholders farmers through utilization of bio-geo-physical resources with specific emphasis on Community Based Tourism (2007) BHL’s knowledge generation initiative
2007 Lead Agency Environmental concerns in sustainable Agriculture (2007): published in Heinnritch Boll Foundation
2007 Lead Agency Farmer Initiated (Preferred) Economic Activities ( 2007): Published in Agricord (Belgium)
2007/8 Lead agency Institutional review of the Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers (2007/8) and development of the sustainability strategy for the federation, which has transformed the same from 92% donor dependency to the current 52%.  It is planned to zero rate its dependency by the end of the year 2012, with an annual assessment report indicating that the federation is clearly on course. KENFAP (Kenya)
2008/9 Lead agency Strategic design and advisory towards development of the winning interpretation of the implementation details for the National Implementing Agency (NIA) through Expression of Interest towards implementation of the Multi-million Euro, four-year National Domestic Biogas Programme under the African Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP), funded by the Netherlands (2009).  BHL developed the interest on behalf of the client which won against major contenders like Equity bank, Techno serve, Heifer International, Kenya women Finance trust among others. African Biogas Partnership programme (ABPP)
Various Main  agency Environmental impact assessment and auditing, disaster management and sustainable development, regional development, project development and management isolated initiatives BHL’s Knowledge generation initiative
2009/10 Main agency Analyses of the impact of climate change to agriculture, livestock and fisheries in view of vulnerabilities and adaptive mechanisms in each agro-ecological zone of Kenya, towards collection and collation of information for the formulation of the Global Warming Bill (2009) not yet published but draft report available. National Climate Change Consortium of Kenya (NCCCK)
2009 Lead agency Development of strategic intervention towards formation of the National Biogas Users Association and the financing mechanism for the biogas users, while BHL was commissioned by the KENFAP Services Ltd (2009); not yet published. SNV and Hivos under the African Biogas partnership programme (ABPP)
2009 Lead agency in Content development Design of a multi-million dollar Pan African Cooperatives and Producer Organizations support mechanism/strategy under the auspices of Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA); an assignment commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF, 2009), where the chairman of BHL was specifically contracted to provide content on cooperatives and farmers’ organizations as well as develop the areas of focus (2009) ; no yet published but draft is available. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
2010 Lead institution Exploration of possibilities for youth engagement in the Agricultural Productivity Value Chain  in 24 Kenyan districts UNDP (Kenya)
2011 Sole institution Review of the mitigation and adaptation measures taken by Kenyan farmers towards a climate change legislation, under the assignment by the Kenya Climate Change Working Group (KCCWG) KCCWG and Trochare (Kenya)
2012 Sole institution Training on project Cycle management of the Kenya Team Implementing the Eastern Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (EAAPP) MoA (Kenya)
2012/13 Sole Institution Development and try out of an Interventional Mechanism to create Producer Business Groups towards revival of the cooperative movement of Kenya The Kenya National Farmers’ federation (KENAFF) with programme support
2012/13 Lead Agency Review of the resource survey and remote sensing activities and development of transformational policy on information and knowledge management for the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources (MoEMR) Kenya
2013 Main institution End of project evaluation of the Early Childhood Education and Vocational training for the Salvation Army, East Kenya Territory AusAid and Australian SA Community
2014 Main institution Development of a lessons’ integration framework for out scaling of outcomes of lessons from the  implementation process of the Agricultural Productivity and Agribusiness Project towards an agribusiness oriented smallholder farming The Kenya National Farmers’ federation (KENAFF) with programme support
2015 Sole institution An assessment of the impacts of the Galana-Kalalu one million acres irrigation project on the grain sector in Kenya Heinnritch Boll Foundation
2015 Sole Institution Study on the feasibility, infrastructural requirements, envisaged costs and impacts to the sector’s value chain actors towards establishment of an agricultural-based television. Kilimo Media Services Limited
2015 Sole institution End of Phase I, Economic Analysis and Impact Assessment of EAAPP Kenya GoK and The World Bank
2016… on going Sole institution Baseline Survey of the key impediments to socio-economic turn around  through agribusiness in Kenya, toward Advanced level Curriculum Development Strathmore Business School