• BHL aims at minimizing costs to enhance sustainability of the activities and promote effectiveness at personal and corporate levels
  • All the directors/board members are consultants within the firm in their own field to cover various sections and enhance ownership, as well as ensure quality of products and services
  • There are 28 other consultants who have contracts with BHL to work with the firm whenever there is need. These are mainly university lecturers and professionals who can afford some part time engagement based on their organization policies, or those engaged in their own consultancies but able to spare some time to work for BHLAll the sections and administrative deliverables are geared towards services to clients at highly competitive costs, thus making it the most cost effective model in the market.
  • The planning section enhances articulation of the strategic approaches towards delivery of a given product or service
  • Operations guides the process of realization of a given product or service in the time and quality scheduling
  • Logistics looks at the humanistic matters of the firm in term of facilitatory needs towards delivery of a given product and /or service.  These are manly service and support needs.
  • Finance and administration looks at the cost of delivering a given assignment in view of the resource allocation dimension and the levying policies of the firm.
  • The board sets the policy direction of the firm while the MD implements the same to the letter. A board meeting is held every quarter.