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Welcome to BESCK Holdings we have over 19 years experience

January 31, 2023

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Nairobi, Kenya

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About Us

BESCK Holdings Limited (BHL) was incorporated in 2005 as a fully fledged company in Kenya, under the companies Act CAP 486. It focuses on instilling innovative solutions to both the public and private sector players through provoking the consciousness that growth and development embraces multi-sectoral, multi-actor, multi-level and multi-institutional approaches to problem solving. Previously, BESCK Holding Limited was known as Disaster Kenya Consult (DISKEN Consult) whose main mandate addressed issues on disaster management in Kenya and other Horn of Africa countries.Being a knowledge generation and discharge centre, BHL endeavours to design and use knowledge based approaches to address any confronting challenges and resolve matters at hand in six main functional services domains or Holdings namely Agricultural Research and Technologies Transfer Services (ARTS), Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening (ID/OS), Integrated Risk Reduction Services (IRRS), Governance, Leadership and Management Services (GLMS), Project Cycle Management Services (PCMS), and International Trade, Supplies Management and Event Organization Services (ITSM&EO-D).

Our Services

Agricultural Technology Transfer Services

We are out to consult with any individual, group or entity of any form, that seeks to advance, confirm/verify benefit from or foster value chain based knowledge and information for improved competitiveness and productivity enhancement.  Increasing benefits for value chain actors is our preferred language


The Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening (ID/OS)

This domain deals with good leadership and governance existing in both theory and practice in various organizations, BHL empowers individuals, organizations and government institutions to participate in meaningful ways in decision-making processes through appropriate knowledge enhancement.

The Disaster Management

This arm of BHL analyzes the situation and develops a Holding that specifically befits the requirements of an individual entity, function, government or a concerned regional Economic Community. The capacity for rendering such services is much actualized within the technical formation of BHL’s DM- domain.

Governance, Leadership and Management Services (GLMS)

BHL works with its client’ leadership, culture, mission and values to develop and deliver solution based Holdings with respect to sound managerial principles.

Project Cycle Management

This service is designed to enhance development operators and project manager’s skills in project identification, design/formulation, preparation, management, monitoring, evaluation and even audit. The process is inspired by the goal-oriented approach developed through the logical framework theory.


International Trade, Supplies Management and Event Organization

We provide efficient delivery services. Through the company’s intensive international exposure, BHL has established business contacts across the globe with major suppliers of goods and services which it so feels confident to engage in. The company has therefore over time developed its international trade trajectory, which mainly involves imports of goods and /or services not so easily available in the local market, to support and on-going or upcoming initiative.  Kindly get in touch with us through our contact details or  visit our offices for more details.


Why Choose Us?


We have over 19 years experience .

Tailored solutions

We tailor make the outcomes to suit the client(s)’ expectations


Our financial team ensure you get the optimum results.


We help our clients improve their productivity and profitability


We have an enthusiastic team of advisors are always here to help.

International exposure

We have established business contacts across the globe

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